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Similarities and Differences with Excel


Many shortcut keys operate in the same in both Genstat and Microsoft Excel. For example, the shortcut keys to copy Ctrl+C and paste Ctrl+V data from a range of cells via the clipboard can be used in both Genstat and Excel. Other shortcut keys in common between the two applications are:

  • Ctrl+A for selecting all cells
  • Ctrl+O for opening files
  • Ctrl+P for printing
  • Ctrl+S for saving
  • Ctrl+Z to undo any changes

An example Excel workbook and the corresponding Genstat spreadsheet are displayed below (on importing into Genstat the first two rows were excluded and rows 3-4 were combined by setting a number of spreadsheet import options).

The cursor and selection keys operate in the same way as in Excel, however Genstat provides additional control for the selection of columns or cells. For example, you can keep columns selected when you click outside them, or select columns with a single- or double-click of the mouse. These and other settings are controlled in the Tools | Spreadsheet Options dialog.


In Excel the workbook is used for data storage; the manipulation of data and all results are displayed within the workbook. In Genstat the data is one aspect of the analysis, and there are a range of other windows for displaying output, audit trails and graphs. The data in Genstat does not need to be displayed within a spreadsheet as it is all held within central data storage.

The File and Edit menus contain similar functionality between both applications. However, a major difference is that in Genstat all of the functionality for manipulating the data in a spreadsheet can be found in the Spread menu, and within Excel these are found on several different menu items.

Further similarities and differences are explained in the topics that follow.

How Data is Organized
How Data is Updated
Column Names
Column Types (data types)
Spreadsheet Size
Spreadsheet Types
Managing Multi-Page Spreadsheets
Performing Calculations
Date Formats

Updated on December 14, 2018

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