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What’s new in Genstat for Windows 14th Edition

The Genstat Server has been upgraded to Release 14.1

  • Release 14.1 includes 4 new directives and 32 new procedures.


New supported file formats

  • CSPro survey data file and dictionary.

Graphics enhancements

  • Text boxes providing control over the placement of labels on a plot.
  • Text boxes used for axis markings to avoid overlapping labels.
  • New /h command line option for setting the size an image.
  • Ability to open a child viewer allowing multiple plots to be viewed simultaneously.
  • Axes can be drawn disconnected.
  • New example graphics environments providing default styles for graphs.

Spreadsheet enhancements

Graphics menus

  • New Graph selector menu for choosing a graph based on form of data.
  • Graphics menus redesigned in new tab style.
  • Two-dimensional graphs with marginal distribution plots alongside the y- and x-axes.
  • Boxplot menu extended to include more options.

Summary statistics menus

Statistical tests menus

Analysis of variance menus

Multivariate analysis menus

Spatial analysis menus

QTLs (Linkage/Association) menus

Updated on June 20, 2019

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