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What’s new in Genstat for Windows 23rd Edition

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For video overviews of some of the new features, click the link below.

image/svg+xml  New Features in Genstat 23rd Edition


The Genstat Server has been upgraded to Release 23.1

  • Release 23.1 includes 3 new directives and 27 new procedures.

New menus

Statistics enhancements

Graphics enhancements

Spreadsheet enhancements

  • The spreadsheet now supports reading Statistica 11-14, Minitab 13+, MATLAB 2016 and Feather files.
  • The separators used in CSV files can now be specified by the user.

General enhancements

  • The Restart Server menu now immediately kills the server and restarts it, if it is still running commands. This may leave a red server icon in the toolbar, but this will disappear if the mouse hovers over the icon.
  • The ability to select quotes when double clicking words in the test added has been added. This can be turned on or off in the Text Editor tab
    of Tools | Options dialog.


Three games menus have been added to the Data Menu.
Although these are a light-hearted addition for your amusement, they demonstrate
interactive procedures through the use of the QDIALOG directive
and the new DCLOSE and %FLUSH directives,
as well the use of PNG images as plotting symbols in the graphics.

Updated on August 11, 2023

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