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What’s new in Genstat for Windows 12th Edition

The Genstat Server has been upgraded to Release 12.1

  • Release 12.1 includes 2 new directives, 41 new functions and 42 new procedures.

New supported file formats

  • Import/Export Cornell ecology files.
  • Import/Export MapQTL loc and map files.
  • Import/Export R/QTL rotated comma-delimited separate genotype (csvsr) files.
  • Import Stata 10 files.

Graphics enhancements

Regression menus

Design menus

  • Ability to link to CycDesigN.

Analysis of variance menus

  • Display all standard error of differences in General Analysis of Variance menu.
  • Trellis plot of means.

Mixed models (REML) menus

  • Display Akaike and Schwartz information coefficients.

Multivariate analysis menus

  • Biplots added to Principal Components and Canonical Variates analysis menus.
  • Permutation tests available for MANOVA.

Survey analysis menus

Meta analysis menus

Microarrays menus

QTL analysis menus

Spreadsheet facilities

  • Ability to display a single 3+ way table or multiple 2+ way tables within a tabbed table.
  • Highlight rows in a spreadsheet from points selected using data info within the Graphics Viewer.
  • Factor divide menu allowing a set of factors to be formed with a set of levels for every level of another factor.
  • Factor standardize menu allowing a set of factors to be standardized so that the levels or labels are the same for all factors.
  • Shortcut function keys on the Calculate submenu of the Spread menu have been changed. See a list of function key shortcuts for details.

New documentation

The following documents are available from the menu Help>Genstat Guides

  • A Guide to the Genstat Spreadsheet.
  • A Guide to Survey Analysis in Genstat.
Updated on June 18, 2019

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