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What’s new in Genstat for Windows 19th Edition

The Genstat Server has been upgraded to Release 19.1

  • Release 19.1 includes 1 new directive and 20 new procedures.
  • Ability to use any installed font and to specify line styles by name in PEN statements.
  • Empirical-distribution-function goodness-of-fit tests (EDFTEST)
  • Power calculations, sample-size estimation and identification of outliers in REML analyses
  • Exploration of canonical relationships between terms in experimental designs
  • Orthogonal partial least squares regression (OPLS)
  • Matern models in Kriging
  • Ability to write multi-paged PDF files using OPEN and DEVICE statements.
  • Increased speed of plotting multi-plot graphs like trellis plots and scatter plot matrices

New Statistics menus

General enhancements

  • New Select theme and Save theme menus for setting and saving themes.
    Themes are groups of settings that control the Genstat client look and feel.
  • Updated Start Page with working directories and extra help links.
  • Full control of menu and text edit window positioning.
  • Saving bookmarks in text files between sessions.
  • Edit | Go back menu item now defined for text edit windows to return to the location of previous edits.
  • Updates to the Submit File menu to make specifying a batch job simpler.
  • New Restore image button defined for Custom dialogs.

Spreadsheet enhancements

Graphics enhancements

  • New Key tab for defining keys,
    including multi-column keys using the new DKEY procedure.
  • New Lines and Symbols spreadsheet dialog to make setting symbols for multiple plots easier.
  • New Label Size and Position Options dialog to give full control of the positioning for point labels.
  • Updates to the Lines and Symbols tab to make setting common attributes over multiple plots easier.
  • Ability to set default graphics font and quality in the client.
  • Full control over the fonts used for all graphics text using the Edit All Fonts as a List
    and Edit Font dialogs.
  • Updates to the Graphics Viewer and Client menus to provide consistent options and settings.
  • More control over the window colours in the Frame tab.
  • The ability to set the number format for axes labels using the Format Label Options dialog.
  • Added control over symbols, axes and frames for a number of graph types (e.g. histograms, bar charts and surface plots).

Statistics enhancements


  • New Graphics Guide on creating graphs through menus and code under Help | Genstat Guides.
  • All documentation edited with added images of menus and dialogs.
Updated on July 1, 2022

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