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Trials Menu Commands

This menu contains items that can be used to create a Trials spreadsheet for variety testing. This has meta-data allowing automatic summaries across seasons and calculation of columns from other columns, as well as the ability to do a meta-analysis across multiple trials with the same measurements and some common entries.

The Trials menu must be enabled in the Menus tab of Tools | Options menu by ticking the Include Trials menu option.

Trials menus

  • Open | Create New Trial opens Trial Details dialog to create a new trial.
  • Open | Existing Trial opens File | Open dialog with the file type set to Genstat Trials (*.trl) to save the current trial file if has not been saved, otherwise it saves the file.
  • Open | Convert Sheet to Trial opens the Convert Sheet to Trial dialog to change a standard Genstat spreadsheet into a Trials file.
  • Save saves the current trial or opens the File | Save dialog if it has just been created.
  • Add | Column opens the Add Trial Column dialog to add a trial column with meta-data to the trial.
  • Add | Seasonal Summaries opens the Add Seasonal Summaries dialog to calculated seasonal summaries and add these to the spreadsheet.
  • Add | Calculated Column opens the Add Calculated Column dialog.
  • Edit | Estimate Missing Values opens the Estimate Missing Values dialog to replace missing values with their estimates.
  • Edit | Column Information opens the Edit Column Information dialog to add a trial column with meta-data to the trial.
  • Edit | Column Types opens Edit Column Types dialog to set up column types and automatic calculations for these.
  • Edit | Seasons opens the Define Seasons dialog to edit number, names and timing of seasons.
  • Edit | Trial Information opens Trial Details dialog to edit trial meta-data.
  • Edit | Units/ha opens the Change Units dialog.
  • Sort | Plot Order sorts the rows into plot order.
  • Sort | Sowing/Cut Order sorts the rows into sowing or cut order.
  • Sort | Haldrup Order sorts the rows into Haldrup order. A Haldrup mower harvests the plots along a path spiraling inwards from the outside of the trial.
  • Sort | Treatment Order sorts the rows into treatment order (and ordered by replicates within treatments).
  • Sort | Replicate Order sorts the rows into replicate order (and ordered by treatments within replicates).
  • Sort | Row Order sorts the rows into row order (and ordered by columns within rows).
  • Sort | Column Order sorts the rows into column order (and ordered by rows within columns).
  • Output | Trial Layout outputs trial layout to the Graphics window.
  • Output | Save Layout in Excel file outputs the trial layout to an Excel file and opens this in Excel.
  • Output | Sowing Layout outputs the sowing layout to the Graphics window.
  • Output | Sowing Numbers outputs the sowing numbers to the Output window. This gives the plot numbers listed beside each treatment.
  • Output | Sowing Plan outputs a sowing plan to the Output window. This gives the treatment names in each row or column and the direction these are sown in.
  • Output | Double Sowing Plan outputs a doubled sowing plan to the Output window. In a doubled sowing plan the plots are sown in two passes of the drill working backwards and forwards, so there are two seed packets for each plot.
  • Output | Small Field Plan outputs a compact field plan to the Output window. This lists the plot and treatment name for each plot in the trial.
  • Output | Treatment Plan outputs the treatment plan to the Output window. This gives the plot numbers for the replicates listed beside each treatment.
  • Analyse | Trial opens the Trial Analysis dialog to analysis one or more trial columns.
  • Analyse | Seasonal Summaries Trial Seasonal Analysis.
  • Analyse | Multiple Trials together opens the Append Multiple Files to select the trials to combine and then Multiple Trial Analysis dialog to analyse these.

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Updated on April 19, 2024

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