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What’s new in Genstat for Windows 9th Edition

The Genstat Server has been upgraded to Release 9.2

  • Release 9.2 includes 2 new directives, 64 new procedures and 2 new functions.

Improved interface and help facilities

  • New docked data pane and window navigator.
  • Improved searchable lists of example programs and procedure source.
  • Run an R script from Genstat

New supported file formats

  • Support for SAS catalogues defining value labels.
  • Support for JMP 4 and 5, Paradox 7-9, SPSS 13-14 file formats and R gzip compressed data frames.
  • Import files from ZIP archives.

Graphics menus

  • Species abundance plot menu for
    producing rank/abundance, ABC or k-dominance plots.
  • Lorenz curve menu for
    producing a Lorenz curve and calculating the gini coefficient.
  • Transformed axes.

Summary statistics menus

  • Diversity indices menu for calculating measures of diversity and jackknife confidence intervals.

Statistical tests menus

Distributions menus

Regression menus

  • Split-line regression menu for fitting a regression model consisting of two straight line segments (a split-line or broken-stick model) to the data.
  • Linear and generalized linear regression menus include facility for calculating permutation tests.

Survey analysis menus

Analysis of variance menus

  • Menus include facility for calculating permutation tests.
  • Parallel ANOVA menu to run a large number of Analysis of Variances in parallel for a set of units that have multiple measurements on each unit.

Mixed models (REML) menus

  • Prediction menu for Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models.

Spreadsheet multi-page books

  • Spreadsheets can be stored in multi-paged books where each
    spreadsheet is represented by a different page within a book.

Improved data entry for spreadsheets

  • Data can be appended into a spreadsheet simultaneously from multiple files.
  • Data can be appended from multiple worksheets from an Excel file to a Genstat spreadsheet.
  • Data can be merged into a spreadsheet simultaneously from multiple files.

Spreadsheet data manipulation and calculations

New spreadsheet tools and general features

  • Drag and drop columns between sheets.
  • Improved replace facilities to allow multiple replacements of text within a single cell.
  • Quick access to column attributes by double-clicking on a column heading.
  • Quick access to view the spreadsheet properties
    by double-clicking on the row column heading.
  • Improved clipboard facilities when copying data from Excel.
  • New cell selection mode for selecting irregular arrangements of cells.
Updated on June 12, 2019

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